Interested in consigning your sneakers? 

Our Consignment is OPEN (Sneakers only at the moment)



Commission Rates: 85% of final sale (After Processing Fees ~4-5%). We provide THE BEST consignment rates out there; most shops only payout 60-70%

We accept both New and Used products, however preowned items must be in good condition.  Please provide detailed images when requesting consignment so that we can best determine the condition of a product and avoid wasting time and shipping costs for both parties

Consignees must pay for, and provide their own shipping label when sending products to us on consignment.  



In respect for consignees, we highly encourage you to have a top and bottom price in mind for your item(s), as well as how soon you want to sell your product(s).  If there are pricing discrepancies, we will discuss what price we think the products will sell at.  Do not inquire about price quotes for used sneakers, as condition must be determined once the shoes are in hand

Listing prices will ALWAYS be disclosed with consignees before a product is listed for sale. 

We use a multitude of factors when it comes to pricing your items: market prices across sales platforms, recent sale prices, market knowledge, current trends, etc.


Consignment Period:

We require a 31-Day minimum hold time for consigned items (the month begins the day we receive the consigned items).  After a month, you may request your consigned items back.  Please allow 3-5 business days for them to be sent back to you.

Consignees will be asked if they want to drop the price on their sneakers 31 days after consignment, in order to increase the probability of a sale.



Payouts will be sent within 3-5 business days once the buyer has received their order.


Marketing and Promotion:

Consigned items will be listed on our website, as well as posted on out instagram page.  Items may also be posted on other platforms (Facebook Groups, Ebay, etc. to help the item(s) gain more exposure)




Instagram: @theworkssf

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